BERRY ENERGY BALLS (Only 4 ingredients & Gluten-free)

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If you need a quick and filling snack, an easy-to-reach dessert, or again a sweet treat to enjoy with your loved ones, these Energy Balls are THE perfect solution for any of your problems.

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As soon as I bit in one of those just to taste them, well it ended up with 3 balls missing for my pictures… Yes, I ate 3 of them in a row. But at least, I knew at this moment these Energy Balls were definitely sensational enough to be shared with you on this website.

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These Berry Energy Balls are:



-Easy to make


-Low fat

-Low calorie

-No bake

-And super tasty!

Plus, they are PINK… And who wouldn’t want a pink dessert?

Recipe in video:


Calories per biscuit: 83 – Macros: 3g P/ 12 g C/ 3g F

Prep time: 5 minutes –     Yield: 12 balls


  • 200 g blackberries (I use unfrosted & strained blackberries)
  • 50 g cashew butter (or any nut butter)
  • 200 g oats
  • 30 g stevia sugar (or any other sweetener)


  1. In a mixing bowl, mash the blackberries with a potato masher/ spatula/ fork.
  1. Add the cashew butter, and mix with a fork until the melange is smooth and uniform.
  2. Add the oats and stevia sugar, and mix again until the mixture is uniform and comes together.
  3. Using your hands, cleaned and dried, form about 12 balls by rolling dough in between your hands. Each ball should be about a tablespoon of dough.
  4. Place the balls in a plate and put it in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
  5. Store in a closed Tupperware or covered plate for up to one week.


-You can substitute blackberries with any other berries, it will just slightly affect the final color and taste of the energy balls.

-You can substitute stevia sugar with any other sugar, but keep in mind it will affect the given calories and macros breakdown.

-If you use frozen blackberries, make sure they are well defrosted and strained before mashing them. I used frozen blackberries, defrosted them in hot water, and strained them with a fine strainer until all the extra water comes out.


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