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Savory, Vegan recipes

EASY CHICKPEA CURRY (in only 30 minutes!)

I call it Punjabi Chole because it definitely sounds cooler, but this dish is also commonly called Chickpea Curry. I started making curries when I got bored of plain lentils, plain veggies, plain stir-fries… Because let’s be honest; veggies are amazing but sometimes you want something more tempting, more pleasant, with much more flavours and […]

Sweet, Vegan recipes


An heavenly melange of simple and plant based ingredients to make fluffy and chocolaty muffins in less than 30 minutes. Flour and starch for the cushy texture. Nut butter and mashed banana for the creamy consistency. And a generous amount of dark chocolate for the extra quality taste; plus it’s melting when coming out of […]

Sweet, Vegan recipes


Welcome to a guide on how to realise the perfect recipe for the famous french crepes. A simple recipe with basic ingredients, such as flour and sugar, to experience the pleasure of delicious classic crepes, with the additional benefit to be free from egg and dairy. Melted chocolate, chocolate spread, peanut butter, sugar, jam, fruit […]

Sweet, Vegan recipes


Sometimes basic chocolate chips in cookies are not enough. So let me introduce you to these super tasty cookies filled with melting dark chocolate. Biting in these cookies honestly feels like opening a Christmas present; reaching the ultimate satisfaction coming from the extra chocolaty surprise packed in the tenderness of a warm cookie. These cookies […]